Said the Gramophone - image by Neale McDavitt-van Fleet
by Emma

Ben Babbitt - "Xanadu"

Sometimes in the summer I get to have my best recurring dream: the one where I just walk around the city swallowing points of light like Pac-Man picking up pellets. The constellations in me getting more crossed-over, the strings of fancy tungsten bulbs all slung across each brand-new try-hard bar along the main street trembling like shook leaves in the complexity of my glow.


by Mitz
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Traces - "Imaginary Life"
Traces - "Crystal Clear" [Bandcamp]

There was awkward silence. We were in the kitchen. Party of 5 or 6. I don't remember exact number but it doesn't matter. We ordered 2 large pizzas and just eating them as we chat like any high school kids do. But all of sudden, there was this silence. It only lasted about 5 seconds but I could tell what everyone was thinking and everyone could tell what everyone else was thinking.

There was a last slice of pizza.

We resumed talking about dumb stuff like one of us who loved Marilyn Manson but he looked so much like the lead singer of Hanson so we gave a perfect nickname, Marilyn Hanson.

But we all kept that last slice of pizza in corner of our eyes.
We all wanted it but didn't want to sound greedy. We were polite but hungry and greedy high school kids.

Then, my friend's older brother came home. He didn't say anything. At that time, he was scary looking. He is really really short but chunky with shaved head and death metal shirt all the time. He also wore this tight seashell necklace from Mexico when he went one winter. It was really really tight for his short chunky body. He did looked like a sea turtle trapped in a plastic.(so sad) Only a couple years older but he looked like he sailed ocean back and forth. He also had this really really thick neck. Thicker than Henry Rollins' neck. I remember I saw him at local junior hockey game and he was wearing a toque. He was really into the game and wasted perhaps. Little red from booze and his tight seashell necklace. He looked like a fully erected penis and condom is almost coming off.

Anyways, he just didn't say anything to us and he ate the last slice of pizza which solved this awkward silence between us.

by Sean

Agnes Obel - "Familiar". "Love is a danger," Obel sings, and here she seems to be singing the contours of that trap - its rough sections and mirrored ones, the way you can be lured by a reflection. There is nothing more sinister than an almost, a not-quite; here she hides the uncanny behind walls of glossy strings, columns of harp; here she hides it behind another Agnes's face. The cello's a compass-needle pointing back toward safety, back toward home. Don't gaze too long into the chasm. Don't gaze too long into the other Agnes's eyes.

[official website / european tour this fall]

by Emma

PWR BTTM - "Dairy Queen"
PWR BTTM - "All the Boys"
PWR BTTM - "West Texas"

Someone RT'd this video of PWR BTTM into some feed of mine a couple weeks ago and what a relief, for the first time in a while, to feel that thing you feel every new time you find the band you're going to listen to exclusively for the next week. Two brand new imaginary best friends! A whole new kind of swagger to wish you had yourself, a whole new kind of sympathy you didn't know you needed. Who are these glittering humans with their sky-big riffs? What the fuck have I even been doing this whole time?? These songs are sweet and tough and kind and unbending; sun-dappled, loud enough. Music by best friends for being yourself to, music that shines, that's best kind of funny, the kind that's no joke.

[buy Ugly Cherries]

by Mitz

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Durutti Column - "Sketch for Summer" [Buy]

Weird, my computer couldn't get on certain websites.

I could log into facebook and gmail but I couldn't get on STG. I couldn't log into my bank site. Maybe parental control? my mom lives in Okinawa and my dad lives in afterlife. Is it my dad telling me something from up above??

If internet is all you can eat buffet, it felt like I could only eat fried rice(facebook) and chicken balls(gmail). What about some seaweed salad(STG) nutritious to my soul and garlic stems and onions with oyster sauce!!!??( I need them for my life!!!

I googled "can't connect to certain websites." and google search shows up but if I click on it, it doesn't work.

I used my phone to search and finally found out that I need to type in in DNS settting on my preference on network.

What does mean!!!!!?????

turns out number 8 is a lucky number in Chinese culture.

wow! I was right! Internet is like all you can eat buffet!!

the end.

by Jeff

ticket stub for lollapalooza

The Breeders - "Cannonball"

When I was fourteen I convinced my parents to drive me and my friend James to Montreal so we could go to Lollapalooza. That hot day left a number of indelible traces on my mind. I remember the blue sky and wispy clouds as we drove through mysterious Quebec, and then seeing the streets of Montreal for the first time. They were so busy! My parents let us off on a street corner and pointed in the direction of the Metro, reminding us to change trains "at Barry YOU-kwam."

On Ile Sainte-Helene there was a long line to get in. We could hear the music muffled by wide open space. When we got to the front of the line and gave them our tickets, they searched our bags, adding our bottles of water to the pile of frisbees and even cameras that had been seized. It seemed unfair. Once inside, we sat in the dusty field and walked around. Most of the crowd was older than us; I remember a lot of topless men wearing shorts and backwards baseball caps and a few topless women wearing body paint.

I liked all the music, especially this song and the Beastie Boys's set. Also Nick Cave played "Red Right Hand" and A Tribe Called Quest played "Scenario."

After the concert James and I went to the train station with the big Canadiana friezes in blue and white, where we were supposed to meet my parents. They were an hour late when I called my grandmother, our contact person if anything went wrong. What was going to become of us? I woke her up and felt bad. My parents had died in a car crash and now I was robbing her of a good night's sleep. It was turning into an episode of Degrassi. I guess I would have to live with her now. (My parents eventually showed up, two hours late.)


by Mitz

Guided by Voices - "Smothered In Hugs" [Buy]

These events happened in last week.

I was in the elevator and someone said, "what's your name? you look familiar!?" I thought this person was mistaking me for some other Asian guy so I replied with little annoyance in my voice, "my name is mitz." "OH you are the guy who got bike thief!" as the door was closing.

I went to Vietnamese place and the lady at the cashier asked me, "if I was Korean."
I said, " Im Japanese."
She replied, "I knew it."

Some guy on the loading dock at my studio asked me, "Chinese?"
So I asked him, "Guess!" like I'm a new modern quiz show host, "Guess my nationality"
He thought for 4 seconds, "hmmmmmm Chinese?"
"nope." I said it fast,
"korean??" he took another shot.
"nope! You only have one more chance," I responded with quiz show host voice,
he said, "tell me!"
So I told him, "Tibetan! kidding! Japanese!"

and Brexit happened. and then there is also the most hugs in one minute video.

I don't know what to think and hugs are not real hugs. Scary world, we all need hugs.