Said the Gramophone - image by Matthew Feyld
by Mitz

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The Zombies - "This will be our year" [Buy]

It's been almost a year since I started writing for STG. t I have to post this song. I've probably told you before but...Once I saw the Zombies play their 40th anniversary of Odessey and Oracle release. They looked so old that they actually looked like Zombies.

and also this sweet video which I watch every year. melts my heart. Did I post this already? I don't remember anymore. I sleep on memory foam but I'm getting old every year.

Happy new year to you!!!

by Jeff
Viv Albertine playing live with The Slits

The Slits - "Adventures Close to Home"
The Slits - "Instant Hit"

I knew I was going to love Viv Albertine's Clothes Music Boys for a long time. I waited all the way through the hardback run and then when it came out in paper I bought it and put it on the shelf over my records, along with England's Dreaming and Lipstick Traces and the scabrous Peter Hook memoirs and Tracey Thorne's really quite lovely Bedsit Disco Queen and my other books about punk. This week I finally pulled it off the shelf and, oh my god, it is so good. Albertine's prose is simple and plain but completely alive and honest and makes me feel again what it was like to fall in love with music and politics and culture when I was a teenager. Ooh, it's brilliant. I'm just at the part where she's dating Mick Jones and has bought her first guitar. I know what happens next from all the punk chronicles I've read, but reading this book is a reminder that nothing that happened was a foregone conclusion. Albertine makes the reader feel what it was like to live through the beginning of UK punk and it's like sticking your finger in an electrical socket. Thrilling!

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by Sean

Mizan - "Looking For". For me, sometimes, envy is like a tugging. A low tugging at the centre of my heart. Usually what I am envying is secrets. Other people's secrets, or their ability to uncover them. There are these rare moments when someone lowers their arms and their arms are filled with secrets and I wish I had these secrets, wish I knew how to obtain them. I feel that low tugging. The secrets are sometimes beautiful but they are not always beautiful. I envy even ugly secrets. The secrets I envy most are the ones I know to be true. I seem them resting in somebody else's arms and see their truth like a shine upon them. I wish I had that truth. I wish I had found those secrets with all their truth. Sometimes I think about this and I am melancholy. [more]

by Jeff

a photo of lego set up to look like the fellowship of the ring crossing a snowy mountain peak

Dog Day - "Get High"

Plaintive guitar sets us on the journey, a sunny day in the flatlands, when the drums come in we're already in the foothills. By the time things reach the rocking part our climb has reached precipitous heights. Doubt sets in, and the wind is laughing. We're in a mess, we're in a situation that seems impossible to get through. No one down on the ground can guess how hard it is to be all the way up here, battling the elements, where the weather can change in the blink of an eye. The keyboards begin to sound like wind to me, I get so involved in this little story every time. And here Seth drops one of his supreme bits of knowledge, the one thing you need to know to get through this: "There is no way to know what lies ahead / but if you remain frozen still / you will become the hill." Keep climbing, keep climbing, keep climbing.


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